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Flame retardant

Longsafe 100E

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Producer& LocationLongmore, China


Longsafe 100E is a phosphoric-nitric-mixed flame retardant used in the rubber industry to enhance the flame resistance of rubber. It meets RoHS, PaHS, and other environmental standards. Visual description: Longsafe100E is a dull-red powder.

Recommendations for application

When added in low dosages in recipes for the rubber industry, the physical properties of the rubber are highly retained.

Longsafe 100E can replace the traditionally used antimony-bromine system, and is more suited to be used in EPDM rubber. During the production, usage, and combustion of the rubber products, toxic and harmful gasses will not be produced, meeting environmental standards of RoHS, PaHS, REACH, and related legal requirements.  

When the amount of Longsafe 100E added is equal to 40 % of the parts by weight of the rubber and oil mixture, the resulting product can satisfy UL-94 V0 rated retardant requirements.

Longsafe 100E has little influence on the hardness of the rubber it is used in, and will increase the hardness of the vulcanized product minimally.

Longsafe 100E has a relatively lower weight, so in the same volume, production can be maximized.


Longsafe 100E is commonly used by adding 45 % parts by weight of the rubber and oil products.

Adding zinc oxide (ZnO) or other fillers during initial mixing will improve the dispersion of the Longsafe 100E into the product.

Packing and Storage

Longsafe 100E is packaged as 25 kg/bag. When this product is stored away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, it should have a shelf life of at least twelve months.

Testing formulation: 

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