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Filler & Reinforcing

Longmore PW-95T

Functional filler nano aluminum silicate


PW-95T is a kind of synthetic nano clay material treated by 6 steps, the flow-process diagram as followed:

Natural raw silicon→Wash→Micro treatment→Control of the crystal structure→Separated by Ion membrane→Modified→Dry


Safety& Toxicity:

Please refer to related MSDS.


 PW-95T shows good mechanical property close to carbon black and white carbon black, cause nano- particle distribution, and special treatment on the surface.

Comparing with the system of white carbon black and silane coupling agent in tyres, PW-95T can be used directly without silane coupling agent, showing good characteristics such as low mooney, low modulus, low hardness and high strength, and won’t influence physical properties.

PW-95T shows perfect wet traction & rolling resistance, comparing with white carbon black and silane coupling agent system. Due to the good dispersion, the loss factor of the Payne effect is much lower than silica and carbon black.

For better mechanical property, add it before carbon black, and don’t mix with oil.

Packing and Storage

20kg plastic woven bag, paper with plastic film bag 

2 years in its original packaging, stored in a dry and cool place.

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