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Longmore PW-98

Functional filler nano aluminum silicate


PW-98 is a kind of synthetic nano clay material treated by 6 steps, the flow-process diagram as followed:

Natural raw silicon→Wash→Micro treatment→Control of the crystal structure→Separated by Ion membrane→Modified→Dry


Safety& Toxicity:

Please refer to related MSDS.


PW-98 can be used in NR, EPDM, BR, SBR, BR, IIR and resin etc. It shows outstanding performance about mechanical property and process property. The gross rubber added PW-98 has perfect fluxility, scorch time will not decrease and the curing time will not be influenced, the hardness of the products will not increase obviously with increasing of the dosage of PW-98. So when replacing white carbon black, PW-98 can prevent mooney rise up fast, retard the rubber get harder and drier, thus extending the storage time. PW-98 is a kind of environmental product without Heterocyclic aromatic and can past RoSH.

PW-98 have the same mechanical property of N550, 4 phr replace 1 phr N550. In addition, PW-98 own good insulation, airtight barrier, vibration barrier properties and low price.

When using with coupling agent PW-98 can obtain extra mechanical properties.

When using in extrusion molding products, PW-98 can improve the extrusion speed, reduce the heat generating between rubber and extruding machines, and the surface of products will be more fine and smooth.

Packing and Storage

20kg plastic woven bag, paper with plastic film bag 

2 years in its original packaging, stored in a dry and cool place.

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