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Sulfur Silane

Longmore S69R

Silane Coupling Agent

Chemical Name: Pre-dispersed polymerbound Longmore S69 silane coupling agent 



Translucent beige granules.


Longmore S69R is the best solid silane coupling agent, using elastomeric binder that provides better compatibility with rubber compounds. Comparing with liquid silane, Longmore? S69R offers: reliable in-situ modification of silica with silane during mixing process; fast incorporation and dispersion could reduce number of re-mill stages during compounding in tire manufacturing; open mill operations effectively minimize pre-matured vulcanization; near 100% silane utilization with no waste un-reacted silane leads to loading level optimization and the reduction of VOC emission during vulcanization; no un-reacted residue silane to deteriorate adhesion and less VOC emission during the service.


25kg/paper box with plastic bag.


Must be sealed and kept in cool and ventilated place, away from water, heat and fire.

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